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Request a Review

To request a review for your website, just submit the following information to webmaster@intellismut.com. I’ll send you a confirmation email within a few days, but please be patient for the review – you’ll receive another notice when the writeup is live.

1. your name and email
2. your site (both name and web address)
3. a general description of what the site’s about and other pertinent details – content, frequency of updates, and any additional comments or background info you might have. Also, I’ll typically use 3-6 images from the member’s area to post in the review. Let me know if this is acceptable.
4. a link to your affiliate program
5. a temporary login to the member’s area of your site. This should be valid for at least 3 months, but the longer the better – I do check for updates/changes and will post follow-ups in the review if significant.
6. the page where the IntelliSmut reciprocal link/banner can be found (no review without a recip link!)

For the reciprocal link, I’m not going to require you place it on your index page, but please do put it somewhere where surfers will actually see it. A text link is fine, such as “IntelliSmut.com – Smart Adult Reviews“. Below are a couple banners which you’re free to download and use. All links should go to http://www.intellismut.com.




More review sites and other webmaster resources can be found at the excellent Ynot.