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Yanks – 4 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 4 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - female masturbation & orgasmsIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur girls, female masturbationIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur girls masturbating to orgasm

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The female orgasm can be an elusive beast, even more so in porn than the real world. While there’s no shortage of silicone-enhanced ladies moaning and hollering and carrying on in your typical skin flick, in general they aren’t fooling anyone who has firsthand experience with le petite mort. Maybe some people don’t mind all that exaggeration and fakery, but me, I like the real thing in all its glory.

Enter Yanks, an online erotica site dedicated to female masturbation. If this sounds to you like it could be a pretty good site, well, it is. Huge in scope, run by an actual real-life couple, and with plenty of little touches (no pun intended) to round out the experience, it’s a damn sexy place to spend your time.

Each girl featured on Yanks starts with a video interview on her masturbation-related likes and dislikes, on her “technique”, and other pertinent information you just have to know. The girls also fill out a handwritten questionnaire on the topic which is scanned and posted online. Yes, handwritten – it’s personal touches like these that make Yanks stand out. The women range from college-aged cuties to a more MILFy vintage, mostly real girl-next-door types with a few of what I’d call “pro-amateur” mingled in. There are pretty girls for every taste here.

The vids are around 8-12 minutes apiece and feature the ladies getting themselves off in a variety of ways – with their hands, with vibrators, occasionally a convenient item of furniture, a pillow, a loofah, a very lucky teddy bear, you get the idea. Their orgasms are gorgeous. You get the full span of “a slight shudder, a sigh, and curled toes” to “full-throated moans, arched back, juices freely flowing over hands and thighs and furniture, pussy spasming as waves of intense pleasure crash over her body”. It is the real deal. Fantastic stuff.

There are also girl-girl videos available, both as mutual masturbation and lesbian play. All clips and photosets are searchable by categories and keywords: Busty, Petite, Vocal Orgasm, Hairy Bush, Shower/Tub Play, Squirting, Creamy, Sybian, just to name a few. The overall site design is clean and simple, no trouble finding your way around. Ample bonus features such as access to their masturbation forum Whispering Lily round out the experience.

The Details

  • Over 300 amateur girls featured in nearly 5,000 high-def female masturbation videos, available in MP4, WMV, and 3GP (mobile) formats.
  • More than 67,000 photos.
  • Active chat room & forum, member profiles, and more.
  • Memberships range from $12.45 to $29.85/month, depending on length of subscription.

The Verdict

If you enjoy watching real girls masturbate and have real orgasms, look no further. Hundreds of very hot and authentic female masturbation scenes on a site that does not insult your intelligence, highly recommended.

Click here to visit Yanks – Amateur Female Masturbation

 Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur female masturbation to orgasmIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - female masturbation, amateur girls having orgasmsIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur women masturbating to orgasm


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  1. YanksTodd says:

    Just wanted to thank Intellismut.com for the great review! If any body joins our site and has questions please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at todd@ or billie@ -yanks.com.

    Thanks again and enjoy!!

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