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Her Bedroom Window – 3 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 3 out of 5

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Her Bedroom Window sums itself up on its homepage thusly: “We ask girls to record themselves alone in their own bedrooms. No director. No studio. No script..” This describes the premise well, and the end result is a hybrid erotic video-diary/female-masturbation flick – an intriguing, often very sexy, but occasionally flawed experience.

HBW is published by the same folks who created DareRing and SellYourSexTape. Like those earlier sites, the design is simple and intended to get you right into the content without any distractions. The members area consists of one long page with large thumbnails of each girl along with video download links and brief instructions. That’s it for presentation.

Each girl has two hours of video. The girls themselves are around 18-24 years old and range from wholesome-looking blondes to liberally tattooed & pierced hipster-type ladies, but the common thread is that all of them are convincingly genuine amateurs. Sexy, natural bodies. For many of them it’s obvious this is the first time they’ve gotten naked in front of a camera, let alone masturbated for one. And we’re treated to both.

Every video begins with the girl introducing herself, a little background on her lifestyle and such, then quickly moving on to a discussion of sexual preferences – favorite activities, partners, masturbation techniques, and the like. The clothes then come off at some point and the girls indulge in a little self-pleasure, masturbation with fingers and/or toys, getting their beautiful girl-next-door bodies wet and soapy in the shower, then usually some more masturbation, musings on sex, whatever else comes to mind.

It’s all unscripted and honest, as advertised. Their orgasms are real and one gets the sense that each of these girls is enjoying herself throughout, rare in the world of porn. If you like to watch real, intelligent young ladies talk about their sex lives and masturbate for you, Her Bedroom Window will be right up your alley.

There are a couple caveats however. The main one being that there are only 20 girls at the time of this review. That translates to 40 hours of footage, which is nothing to sniff at considering the reasonable price of membership and unique content, but it would have been nice to have a little more variety. It’s unclear how often the site is updated.

The movies are divided into 1 hour segments. As a result each file is around 500mb, and although the site claimed streaming ability I was only able to download the vids. This can take a little while even on a fast connection, so you may be doing a bit of waiting.

The Details

  • 40 total hours of video at the time of this reivew – 20 different girls, 2 hours each.
  • Videos are in WMV format, 640×480 resolution. Quality varies due to amateur lighting and such, but overall is good for home-shot video.
  • Membership starts at $19.95/month, cheaper if you sign up for multiple months.

The Verdict

A promising amateur site that feels far more spontaneous and genuine than much of the solo girl stuff out there. Each film is part sexual video diary and part female masturbation movie, and all feature true girl-next-door type ladies. Fans of homemade porn will probably find a lot to enjoy in the 40 hours that’s currently online.

Click here to visit Her Bedroom Window


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