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Girls Out West – 5 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews: 5 out of 5

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I’d been aware of Girls Out West for a few years but never took a close look, let alone reviewed it, until now. The occasional quick glances led me to believe it was fairly standard softcore amateur-esque erotica, serviceable but nothing outstanding. But after checking out GOW the past month, I’m happy to report it *is* outstanding – one of my new favorite adult sites and highly recommended if you enjoy explicit erotica served up with an all-natural sex-positive vibe.

In a nutshell, GOW is a women-run site featuring amateur Australian girls getting naughty in photosets and HD videos – whether simple stripteases and nudity, or masturbating themselves to orgasm, or two girls (sometimes more) playing around, or fucking their boyfriends – they pretty much have all the proverbial bases covered.

The site is the brainchild of Annie, a former longtime men’s magazine photographer who struck out on her own photographing and filming nude Aussie girls in 2002. In the decade since the site has grown gradually to its current state, with a massive archive of back content and a surprisingly professional presentation in regards to navigation & design. Annie now has a couple other sexy photo/videographers helping out – they also occasionally lend a hand getting it on with models if the mood strikes – but it’s still a women owned-and-operated affair with a personal touch.

The aesthetic finds a great middle ground between DIY spontaneity and professional quality. As Annie puts it, “The models are the type you’d meet going out to pubs and bars” and I can’t argue with that – the girls range from average-looking to quite lovely, but there’s a definitely “realness” to all of them, they just seem to be regular girls who were curious and/or horny enough to try posing and/or fucking on camera. But though the models are decidedly ‘amateur’ (in the best possible way), the photos and videos are crisp & well-lit, it’s obvious that Annie and the other ladies behind the lenses know what they’re doing. Ditto for the navigation – fast, intuitive, clean design, some of the better I’ve seen in an adult site.

One of the most noticeable things about GOW’s photosets & videos, and IMO what sets it apart from similar sites – the girls without exception are obviously having a great time. Whether just posing, or masturbating, or frolicking with another woman, or hot & heavy fucking, there’s an unmistakable and genuine joie de vivre going on. You get a sense everyone’s enjoying themselves and even in the most explicit sex acts it all seems like a celebration of sensuality. This is hugely refreshing in an internet full of semi-cynical and/or staged porn.

Hot, fun, provocative, perverse, genuine, are some adjectives that come to mind. The girl-boy scenes are especially good, as each couple seem to be lovers in real-life – you just can’t fake that sort of thing.

The models run a huge range of personal style, race, body type, and sexual proclivities (and yes, there’s a search function to easily find your preferences of the moment). Each one has a biographical profile and many of them participate in the very active member forums. Stories, blog entries, behind-the-scenes footage, and plenty other bonus features round out the offerings.

The Details

  • 664 (and counting) different lusty & sexy amateur girls for your viewing enjoyment, 100% exclusive.
  • Over 1200 videos streamable in your browser or available for download in MP4, WMV, and iDevice M4V formats. The newest ones are all in 1920×1080 HD resolution.
  • I don’t have an exact count on the photosets but my estimate is well over 1000, each with about 200 hi-res images.
  • Updated daily.
  • Maximum membership costs start at $29.50, but with large discounts if you choose longer subscriptions.

The Verdict

Blending the best of amateur DIY moxie with professional presentation, and chock full of a huge variety of sexy young ladies engaging in erotic acts ranging from coy striptease to some serious fucking. One of very few adult sites I’d recommend to just about anyone.

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Click here to visit Girls Out West – Australian Amateur Girls Nude, Masturbating, Fucking, And More…



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