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Hippie Goddess – 5 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 5 out of 5

Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess natural amateur girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess, hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess, natural amateur hippie girls nude

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The majority of online porn/erotica I’ve seen featuring so-called hippie girls falls into two categories. Most commonly they present the girls’ all-natural look in the context of “hairy pussy” porn – distilling everything down to the fact that these girls have *gasp* full unshorn bushes. Personally I like the natural look. But when such sites depict it as this wild taboo fetish, the presentation tends to be a little overwrought and for me a turn-off.

The next avenue in hippie girl erotica is to incorporate the above with the other dated stereotypes of the subculture – batik & tie-dye, peace signs, pot leaves, you know the drill. Too often the result seems scripted and forced.

So enter Hippie Goddess. As the name suggests it’s erotica featuring nude girls of the hippie persuasion, simple enough. But what sets HG apart from similar sites is the authenticity – call it “soul” if you want – of both the site and the girls themselves. They take the organic approach, enlisting the talents of numerous lovely all-natural women and letting them be their own sexy naked selves in photo & film rather than some cliched image of what a Free Love hippie girl should be. The end result is both a celebration of female sexuality & some very hot and unique erotica.

HG is run by a couple, Dave & Emma, who founded HG about a decade ago and still do the photography & video. Updates come twice per week. The site design is clean & very simple – some might even call it ‘dated’ in a 2004 sort of way, but that fits in with the DIY appeal of the site and certainly doesn’t detract from navigating to the good stuff.

By my count there are currently about 180 different Hippie Goddesses posing & cavorting nude in photos & movies. Each photoset contains from 100-200 high-resolution images of a girl, usually in a natural outdoors setting, and usually progressing from clothed (organic fibers of course!) to a completely naked state.

There’s really a lot of variety though – you can go from a pretty deadlocked lass with incredible natural breasts splashing in a mountain stream, to a pair of all-natural young ladies languidly stripping out of old-fashioned dresses at an erotic tea party, to a tattooed nude redhead playing violin, the list goes on. The common theme is that the women look to be genuinely enjoying themselves and each photoshoot seems to unfold in an unscripted natural fashion. As such, some of the girls have a “naked innocence” kind of feel while others are dripping (in some cases almost literally) with sexuality.

Along with solo girl sets are also a handful of couples (both girl-girl & guy-girl) and some interesting “artistic” galleries by members combining the Goddesses with Photoshop techniques.

Many of the videos follow the same pattern as photosets, but as an added bonus some of these show the Goddesses masturbating – always a plus! The orgasms looked real to me. So if you like watching natural girls get themselves off, you’re in luck. The videos also feature music by real folk & jam bands, some of whom are actually quite good.

I could mention some other features but I think you get the picture by now. Great site.

The Details

  • Over 180 natural Hippie Goddesses photographed & filmed nude. All content 100% exclusive.
  • Each girl has multiple sets of 100-200 images, for a total of over 50,000.
  • Currently 76 videos of the Goddesses available either to stream online or download in WMV format.
  • Updated with new material Sundays & Wednesdays.
  • Memberships start at $27.95/month, with the typical discounts for longer subscriptions.

The Verdict

If you like alluring (and authentic) hippie girls nude or appreciate the “natural” look, or just enjoy quality & honest erotica with a DIY twist, Hippie Goddess is a must-see.

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Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - tattooed amateur hippie girls nude


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