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The premise is pretty simple – I assume you already know how to find porn on the internet. I'll also assume you've concluded that much of it is contrived and boring. Yup, there's a vast ocean of mass-produced cookie-cutter porn out there and it's easy to find oneself adrift...

IntelliSmut aims to cut through all that and introduce you to the hidden gems - the smartest, most original, and hottest erotica/porn/whatever-you-call-it on the net. Striking photography and models. Genuine, believable sex. Stuff that engages your brain as well as your naughty bits. The Interesting and Unusual. All described with in-depth reviews that give you a detailed picture of what you can expect to find inside.

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  • Bare Maidens – 4 out of 5

    November 7, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 4 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - naked sorceress, fantasy erotica, warcraftIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - fantasy erotica, hairy pussy warrior girl nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - nude elf blowjob, fantasy porn & sex

    Click here to visit Bare Maidens – Fantasy Erotica



    Do you roll polyhedral dice in your spare time? Keep your girlfriend (or boyfriend, I know a couple of you ladies!) waiting in bed neglected as you bask in the glow of WoW, Skyrim, or Dragon Age II until the wee hours? Counting down the long years until The Winds of Winter is released? Well my brave companions, roll a saving throw vs. Awesome because there is a porn site made especially for people like us. Bare Maidens.

    Lovingly designed by and for gamers and fantasy fans, Bare Maidens is fantasy erotica inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, LOTR, World of Warcraft, Conan and other beloved milieus. They’ve created an original world, Arta, and populated it with hordes of beautiful naked women clad in medieval and fantasy garb: naked elves, nubile female rogues, lusty barbarian girls, earthy and fertile druidesses, buxom wenches, seductive sorceresses who draw their power from sexual energy, horny warrior women in and out of chainmail bikinis, and much more…

    Each girl has a fantasy persona and several galleries accessible via their Character Sheet – yes, important stats such as Strength, Constitution, Charisma, Class, Magical Aptitude, Weapon Proficiencies, Special Skills, Languages, and of course Sexual Orientation, are available for your perusal alongside the naked pictures.

    If you love fantasy games and beautiful women, going through all these photo and film scenes is a blast. Props and production values are surprisingly good. Ipia of Anbolog, Rogue of the Forest, wields the magical dagger Moon Flame and has a beautiful lithe silhouette and small perky tits. Sadielynn the lovely Elf Shaman must extract a warrior’s semen for one of her potions. Vera of Beori is formidable with the battle-axe and has a voluptuous milky-pale body and perfect buxom breasts. Mia of Zeng barters her smooth Elven pussy to a brigand in exchange for artifacts.

    The women playing these characters are of all types – professional models, girls-next-door, petite, curvy, blondes, brunettes, shaved, hairy pussy, dark skin, pale, the list goes on. There are girls for every taste. The majority of photos and videos are solo girls ranging from simple nudes to masturbation, but there are indeed some girl-girl and even hetero sex scenes available too. Elf chicks having sex, ’nuff said.

    The history of the world of Arta and storylines of some of the peoples and characters is laid out here (maps included of course), and it sort of holds together – but let’s be honest, the real purpose of Bare Maidens is to show hot naked girls in a fantasy theme. Which they do superbly. Great site.

    The Details

    • Over 150 models, each with 1-5 photo galleries available to browse, as well as high or low resolution ZIP downloads. Nearly 80,000 total images.
    • Naked elves, sorceresses, highborn ladies, clerics, barbarians, rogues, rangers, witches, swordswomen, and more.
    • Over 50 enchanting and arousing fantasy porn movies. Softcore nudes, female masturbation, lesbians, straight sex.
    • Some entertaining behind-the-scenes footage and photos.
    • Updated 3 times per week.
    • Subscriptions start at a very reasonable $19.85/month and go down if you purchase longer memberships.

    The Verdict

    If you’re an aficionado of both the fantasy genre and attractive nude women, Bare Maidens is a must-see. This is no half-assed fantasy erotica site – it’s obviously done as a labor of love by folks who truly understand both. Highly recommended.

    Click here to visit Bare Maidens – Fantasy Erotica


    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - naked rogue girl, fantasy erotica, Dungeons & Dragons pornIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - nude elf sex, fantasy erotica, Dungeons & Dragons pornIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - nude barbarian girl, fantasy erotica, Dungeons & Dragons porn

    Sell Your Sex Tape – 5 out of 5

    November 6, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 5 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade amateur girl masturbatesIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade porn, amateur couple missionary fuckIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade porn sex tape, amateur girl fuck

    Click here to visit Sell Your Sex Tape – True Homemade Porn



    The premise behind this site is simple: various young, attractive couples film themselves enjoying sex and other activities an hour a day for a week. They submit the raw, unedited footage to SellYourSexTape and earn $2000. That’s it. Sounds like your basic homemade porn scenario – however, the result is a seriously hot site much greater than the sum of its parts.

    Upon first logging in, I was skeptical. The members area layout is so spartan it looks almost half-assed. Just a long column divided into each couples’ section – each displays the couple’s name with a medium-sized picture, a link to each video, and keyhole icons that bring up thumbnails of the videos. No bios of the couples, no description text. So let’s start downloading!

    The vids are around 1 hour and 600mb apiece, so you may wait a bit depending on your connection speed. And then the good stuff begins. Each tape is chock-full of sex in various positions and settings, along with the lead-up and foreplay that real couples get into but is often ignored in the world of porn. And these truly are “real” amateur couples – all appear in their 20s and are attractive but natural-looking people who look like they could be your neighbors down the street. There are a plethora of staged “homemade porn” sites out there that offer POV ‘sex tapes’ really performed by professional actors, but it’s pretty obvious that the couples on SellYourSexTape are the real deal.

    In my opinion, watching sex between actual couples who share a passion for each other is light-years hotter than what goes on in run-of-the-mill porn. They know each other’s turn ons – their reactions, sighs, moans, and orgasms are genuine. The tapes show many of the sex acts you know and love: blowjobs and carpet-munching (and some of these girls did have carpets, which I tend to like), masturbation, vibrators & dildos, missionary, doggystyle, sixty-nine, girl-on-top, reverse cowgirl, and so on. Also plenty of footage of the ladies showering, getting dressed, and other nude or semi-nude activities. There are some lesbian couples online too, but most are straight.

    Though the majority of the videos involve sex, we also occasionally watch the couples do other stuff – make breakfast, shop at the market, go hiking. There is sometimes ample conversation. It can be a fascinating voyeuristic glimpse into their lives, and you do get a sense of their personalities as you watch. There is at least 7 total hours of video for each couple, so you can spend quite a bit of time with them if you’d like. Or just fast-forward to the fucking, of which there is plenty.

    Obviously, there’s a great deal of homemade porn on the net these days. But I’ve never seen it presented like this – an unscripted 7 hour window into a hot couple’s sex life alongside plenty of everyday moments that give depth to the whole experience. Totally explicit and erotic, yet more than just porn.

    The Details

    • 29 different couples featured in 207 homemade porn videos, each about 1 hour long. WMV format, high resolution and quality.
    • Updated with a new amateur couple (7 one-hour videos) once or twice a month
    • Membership starts at $24.95/month

    The Verdict

    This is a fascinating and exceedingly hot site, some of the best homemade porn I’ve seen. At the time of this review there’s over 200 hours of footage featuring 29 lusty couples.Very highly recommended. Check out a couple sample vids.

    Click here to visit Sell Your Sex Tape – True Homemade Porn


    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade sex tape, amateur couple foreplayIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade porn, amateurs doggystyle sexIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - homemade sex tape, amateur girl blowjob

    Yanks – 4 out of 5

    November 5, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 4 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - female masturbation & orgasmsIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur girls, female masturbationIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur girls masturbating to orgasm

    Click here to visit Yanks – Amateur Female Masturbation



    The female orgasm can be an elusive beast, even more so in porn than the real world. While there’s no shortage of silicone-enhanced ladies moaning and hollering and carrying on in your typical skin flick, in general they aren’t fooling anyone who has firsthand experience with le petite mort. Maybe some people don’t mind all that exaggeration and fakery, but me, I like the real thing in all its glory.

    Enter Yanks, an online erotica site dedicated to female masturbation. If this sounds to you like it could be a pretty good site, well, it is. Huge in scope, run by an actual real-life couple, and with plenty of little touches (no pun intended) to round out the experience, it’s a damn sexy place to spend your time.

    Each girl featured on Yanks starts with a video interview on her masturbation-related likes and dislikes, on her “technique”, and other pertinent information you just have to know. The girls also fill out a handwritten questionnaire on the topic which is scanned and posted online. Yes, handwritten – it’s personal touches like these that make Yanks stand out. The women range from college-aged cuties to a more MILFy vintage, mostly real girl-next-door types with a few of what I’d call “pro-amateur” mingled in. There are pretty girls for every taste here.

    The vids are around 8-12 minutes apiece and feature the ladies getting themselves off in a variety of ways – with their hands, with vibrators, occasionally a convenient item of furniture, a pillow, a loofah, a very lucky teddy bear, you get the idea. Their orgasms are gorgeous. You get the full span of “a slight shudder, a sigh, and curled toes” to “full-throated moans, arched back, juices freely flowing over hands and thighs and furniture, pussy spasming as waves of intense pleasure crash over her body”. It is the real deal. Fantastic stuff.

    There are also girl-girl videos available, both as mutual masturbation and lesbian play. All clips and photosets are searchable by categories and keywords: Busty, Petite, Vocal Orgasm, Hairy Bush, Shower/Tub Play, Squirting, Creamy, Sybian, just to name a few. The overall site design is clean and simple, no trouble finding your way around. Ample bonus features such as access to their masturbation forum Whispering Lily round out the experience.

    The Details

    • Over 300 amateur girls featured in nearly 5,000 high-def female masturbation videos, available in MP4, WMV, and 3GP (mobile) formats.
    • More than 67,000 photos.
    • Active chat room & forum, member profiles, and more.
    • Memberships range from $12.45 to $29.85/month, depending on length of subscription.

    The Verdict

    If you enjoy watching real girls masturbate and have real orgasms, look no further. Hundreds of very hot and authentic female masturbation scenes on a site that does not insult your intelligence, highly recommended.

    Click here to visit Yanks – Amateur Female Masturbation

     Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur female masturbation to orgasmIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - female masturbation, amateur girls having orgasmsIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - amateur women masturbating to orgasm

    DeltaofVenus.com – 5 out of 5

    November 4, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews: 5 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - vintage nude girl with hairy pussyIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - antique porn, vintage sex in 1800sIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 1970s retro nude girl, vintage hairy pussy

    Click here to visit Deltaofvenus.com



    Full Disclosure: Deltaofvenus.com is run by Yours Truly. I’m reviewing it and am highly biased and giving it a 5 out of 5 – partially because I can, but also because I think it’s pretty damn good. Take that for what it’s worth.

    DoV features vintage erotica and porn from the 1860s through the early 1970s presented in photography, films, art, literature, audio, and more. The stuff is hand-picked from my own sizable and constantly growing personal collection. It ranges from innocent nudes through hardcore porn through the years, and tries to cover all the bases in between.

    The centerpiece for most visitors are erotic movies from the dawn of filmmaking – fully explicit silent flicks from 1920s and 1930s Europe, the more straightforward stags of 1950s America alongside playful burlesque and striptease routines, and the classic Euro-porn vignettes of the 60s and 70s in glorious washed-out color. Currently there are about 400 vintage erotic movies online.

    Photos also comprise a big part of the collection. They start with the nude daguerrotypes of 19th century Paris, through Victorian S&M, and the exuberant sexuality (alternately artful and depraved, sometimes both) of the Roaring Twenties. Flirtatious pin-ups from the 50s evolve to the glamour models of the next decade, followed by stellar full-color XXX photos from the mid 60s through early 70s.

    Along with the images and movies, there are many extras – full-length erotic novels from the early 20th century literary underground, erotic art,  sublimely cheesy 8-track audio porn, and more. I also try to present all the material with some historical context – the whos, hows, whens, and wheres of the erotica itself – something you don’t find much elsewhere.

    I place an emphasis on quality, customer service, and a personal touch. This ain’t no half-assed retro porn site, but rather a labor of love by a real collector. Photos and films are hand/digitally restored whenever possible. Member requests are welcome. There are a couple vintage erotica sites with more stuff quantity-wise, but I’ve yet to come across one that has Deltaofvenus.com beat in quality, variety, and presentation.

    The Details

    • 400 films in MP4 format – PC, Mac, and iPod/iPad/Android compatible. Each ranging from 3-25 minutes in length. Resolution is 480×360.
    • Thousands images (photos and art) in medium-to-high res.
    • Erotic novels, stories, audio recordings, and many other extras.
    • Memberships start at $11.95/month and get cheaper from there, one of the better deals you’ll find.
    • Updated weekly.

    The Verdict

    What can I say, it’s a great site! There’s nothing quite like it on the web – if you like vintage erotica you’re going to enjoy Delta of Venus, plain and simple.

    Click here to visit Deltaofvenus.com


    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - vintage pinup June Palmer nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - retro porn, hairy pussy sex in kitchenIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - vintage erotica, spanking ass

    Girls Out West – 5 out of 5

    September 4, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews: 5 out of 5

    Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Nude Amateur Hippie Girl With Dreadlocks OutdoorsErotica & Pornsite Reviews - Nude Amateur Blonde, Girl Perky Breasts, Shaved PussyErotica & Pornsite Reviews - Amateur Homemade Couple Having Sex, Girl On Top

    Click here to visit Girls Out West – Australian Amateur Girls Nude, Masturbating, Fucking, And More…


    I’d been aware of Girls Out West for a few years but never took a close look, let alone reviewed it, until now. The occasional quick glances led me to believe it was fairly standard softcore amateur-esque erotica, serviceable but nothing outstanding. But after checking out GOW the past month, I’m happy to report it *is* outstanding – one of my new favorite adult sites and highly recommended if you enjoy explicit erotica served up with an all-natural sex-positive vibe.

    In a nutshell, GOW is a women-run site featuring amateur Australian girls getting naughty in photosets and HD videos – whether simple stripteases and nudity, or masturbating themselves to orgasm, or two girls (sometimes more) playing around, or fucking their boyfriends – they pretty much have all the proverbial bases covered.

    The site is the brainchild of Annie, a former longtime men’s magazine photographer who struck out on her own photographing and filming nude Aussie girls in 2002. In the decade since the site has grown gradually to its current state, with a massive archive of back content and a surprisingly professional presentation in regards to navigation & design. Annie now has a couple other sexy photo/videographers helping out – they also occasionally lend a hand getting it on with models if the mood strikes – but it’s still a women owned-and-operated affair with a personal touch.

    The aesthetic finds a great middle ground between DIY spontaneity and professional quality. As Annie puts it, “The models are the type you’d meet going out to pubs and bars” and I can’t argue with that – the girls range from average-looking to quite lovely, but there’s a definitely “realness” to all of them, they just seem to be regular girls who were curious and/or horny enough to try posing and/or fucking on camera. But though the models are decidedly ‘amateur’ (in the best possible way), the photos and videos are crisp & well-lit, it’s obvious that Annie and the other ladies behind the lenses know what they’re doing. Ditto for the navigation – fast, intuitive, clean design, some of the better I’ve seen in an adult site.

    One of the most noticeable things about GOW’s photosets & videos, and IMO what sets it apart from similar sites – the girls without exception are obviously having a great time. Whether just posing, or masturbating, or frolicking with another woman, or hot & heavy fucking, there’s an unmistakable and genuine joie de vivre going on. You get a sense everyone’s enjoying themselves and even in the most explicit sex acts it all seems like a celebration of sensuality. This is hugely refreshing in an internet full of semi-cynical and/or staged porn.

    Hot, fun, provocative, perverse, genuine, are some adjectives that come to mind. The girl-boy scenes are especially good, as each couple seem to be lovers in real-life – you just can’t fake that sort of thing.

    The models run a huge range of personal style, race, body type, and sexual proclivities (and yes, there’s a search function to easily find your preferences of the moment). Each one has a biographical profile and many of them participate in the very active member forums. Stories, blog entries, behind-the-scenes footage, and plenty other bonus features round out the offerings.

    The Details

    • 664 (and counting) different lusty & sexy amateur girls for your viewing enjoyment, 100% exclusive.
    • Over 1200 videos streamable in your browser or available for download in MP4, WMV, and iDevice M4V formats. The newest ones are all in 1920×1080 HD resolution.
    • I don’t have an exact count on the photosets but my estimate is well over 1000, each with about 200 hi-res images.
    • Updated daily.
    • Maximum membership costs start at $29.50, but with large discounts if you choose longer subscriptions.

    The Verdict

    Blending the best of amateur DIY moxie with professional presentation, and chock full of a huge variety of sexy young ladies engaging in erotic acts ranging from coy striptease to some serious fucking. One of very few adult sites I’d recommend to just about anyone.

    Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Amateur Australian Girl Giving Blowjob To BoyfriendErotica & Pornsite Reviews - Australian Amateur Girl Wet with Natural BreastsErotica & Pornsite Reviews - Australian Amateur Redhead Girl, Pale with Hairy Pussy Outdoors

    Click here to visit Girls Out West – Australian Amateur Girls Nude, Masturbating, Fucking, And More…


    Joymii – 4 out of 5

    March 21, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 4 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, blonde girl masturbatingIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, lesbians, girl having orgasmIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, missionary sex couch

    Click here to visit Joymii



    Joymii is a new venture brought to you by the same folks behind the art-nudes site FemJoy, who you’ve probably heard of (and whom I’ve reviewed here). In that write-up I summarized FemJoy’s approach:

    “…high quality photosets shot with a skilled and artistic eye featuring natural-looking and stunningly beautiful young ladies. These women do not look like jaded adult models, but rather smoking hot and unspoiled nymphs discovered in various gorgeous locations around the world. They’re generally slender with a dancer’s build, and range from “petite” to “my god, what incredible tits”.

    FemJoy’s commitment to quality erotica has been very successful, but many a subscriber has lamented that they’re limited to softcore nudes. It’s part of the appeal but can also be a drawback if you find yourself craving more, ah, ‘risque’ offerings. Joymii changes all that – same quality, same presentation, but with quite explicit erotica. Artful XXX for porn gourmands.

    So we get exquisitely lovely women masturbating themselves to orgasm, engaging in girl-girl encounters, and plenty of guy-girl sex scenes as well. The lighting & camera work is far superior to most conventional porn. The girls are impeccable, as noted. The men too are reasonably attractive. And while you’ll surely see lingering shots of sloppy blowjobs and cocks sliding in and out of soaking wet pussies, there’s also a focus on the more sensual aspects of sex – kissing, caressing, the shapely curves of womens’ bodies, etc.

    Even the audio is high-quality – tasteful background music gradually gives way to the sounds of sex as the films progress. I appreciated that both girls & guys sounded like real people do when getting it on, none of that fake high-decible SoCal porno wailing or talking cameramen that help kill the mood in most modern porn.

    Though the videos are the emphasis here (all HD of course), there are also high-res photosets. Same subjects – girls getting themselves off with hands or toys, girls playing with each other, straight couples and FFM threesomes, etc. FemJoy aficionados will notice some familiar faces amongst these lovely ladies.

    As you’d expect, the site design is stylish yet straightforward. There are multiple browsing & search options, members can bookmark their favorite models/sets/videos, obviously care has gone as much into design & usability as the erotica itself.

    My only caveat – and it’s minor as such things go – is that the women of Joymii are a bit lacking in variety. They’re all alluring to be sure. Slender bodies, perfect skin tones, a-little-but-not-too-much makeup. But aside from hair color & slight differences in their model-quality looks there’s currently not much diversity – by which I don’t mean just ethnicity but also personal styles, quirks of appearance, etc. Those of us who appreciate the vast range of female beauty in all its permutations might be left feeling there’s some untapped potential here. I’ve got to assume that as Joymii grows so will the variety, it is a new site after all. Still highly recommended.

    The Details

    • 120 videos are available in high & standard def, streaming online and downloads in WMV, Quicktime, plus iPad/iPhone formats.
    • 75 different models currently, with 40 more coming online in the next couple months.
    • 11,400 photos available in medium to ultra-high (poster sized) resolution.
    • Memberships begin at an extremely reasonable $19.95. For this quality that’s a great deal.

    The Verdict

    Explicit erotica done with an artful eye and an emphasis on quality & detail. While it doesn’t yet have the massive size of its sister site FemJoy’s archives, it brings the same surfer-friendly interface and high standards. If you want to watch explicit sex but tire of conventional porn, Joymii is an excellent alternative.

    Click here to visit Joymii – Quality Art-Porn


    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, couple having sexIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, girl masturbating to orgasmIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - art nude porn, girl having orgasm

    Hippie Goddess – 5 out of 5

    March 18, 2012

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - 5 out of 5

    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess natural amateur girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess, hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - Hippie Goddess, natural amateur hippie girls nude

    Click here to visit Hippie Goddess



    The majority of online porn/erotica I’ve seen featuring so-called hippie girls falls into two categories. Most commonly they present the girls’ all-natural look in the context of “hairy pussy” porn – distilling everything down to the fact that these girls have *gasp* full unshorn bushes. Personally I like the natural look. But when such sites depict it as this wild taboo fetish, the presentation tends to be a little overwrought and for me a turn-off.

    The next avenue in hippie girl erotica is to incorporate the above with the other dated stereotypes of the subculture – batik & tie-dye, peace signs, pot leaves, you know the drill. Too often the result seems scripted and forced.

    So enter Hippie Goddess. As the name suggests it’s erotica featuring nude girls of the hippie persuasion, simple enough. But what sets HG apart from similar sites is the authenticity – call it “soul” if you want – of both the site and the girls themselves. They take the organic approach, enlisting the talents of numerous lovely all-natural women and letting them be their own sexy naked selves in photo & film rather than some cliched image of what a Free Love hippie girl should be. The end result is both a celebration of female sexuality & some very hot and unique erotica.

    HG is run by a couple, Dave & Emma, who founded HG about a decade ago and still do the photography & video. Updates come twice per week. The site design is clean & very simple – some might even call it ‘dated’ in a 2004 sort of way, but that fits in with the DIY appeal of the site and certainly doesn’t detract from navigating to the good stuff.

    By my count there are currently about 180 different Hippie Goddesses posing & cavorting nude in photos & movies. Each photoset contains from 100-200 high-resolution images of a girl, usually in a natural outdoors setting, and usually progressing from clothed (organic fibers of course!) to a completely naked state.

    There’s really a lot of variety though – you can go from a pretty deadlocked lass with incredible natural breasts splashing in a mountain stream, to a pair of all-natural young ladies languidly stripping out of old-fashioned dresses at an erotic tea party, to a tattooed nude redhead playing violin, the list goes on. The common theme is that the women look to be genuinely enjoying themselves and each photoshoot seems to unfold in an unscripted natural fashion. As such, some of the girls have a “naked innocence” kind of feel while others are dripping (in some cases almost literally) with sexuality.

    Along with solo girl sets are also a handful of couples (both girl-girl & guy-girl) and some interesting “artistic” galleries by members combining the Goddesses with Photoshop techniques.

    Many of the videos follow the same pattern as photosets, but as an added bonus some of these show the Goddesses masturbating – always a plus! The orgasms looked real to me. So if you like watching natural girls get themselves off, you’re in luck. The videos also feature music by real folk & jam bands, some of whom are actually quite good.

    I could mention some other features but I think you get the picture by now. Great site.

    The Details

    • Over 180 natural Hippie Goddesses photographed & filmed nude. All content 100% exclusive.
    • Each girl has multiple sets of 100-200 images, for a total of over 50,000.
    • Currently 76 videos of the Goddesses available either to stream online or download in WMV format.
    • Updated with new material Sundays & Wednesdays.
    • Memberships start at $27.95/month, with the typical discounts for longer subscriptions.

    The Verdict

    If you like alluring (and authentic) hippie girls nude or appreciate the “natural” look, or just enjoy quality & honest erotica with a DIY twist, Hippie Goddess is a must-see.

    Click here to visit Hippie Goddess – Natural Nudes


    Intellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - hairy amateur hippie girls nudeIntellismut Erotica & Pornsite Reviews - tattooed amateur hippie girls nude